Kitchen and typical products

Kitchen and typical products

There are many culinary specialties of Pisticcio based on first quality products, grown both in the plain and in the hinterland. The cuisine is typical of the South: simple traditional peasant dishes with homemade pasta, vegetables and pork.


Among the most famous ingredients stands out anese, a spice known as coriander, and chilli powder, sweet or spicy according to taste, obtained directly from the milling of previously dried peppers.

Bread & Pasta

The bread is made with flour from an indigenous variety of durum wheat, the so-called Cappelli that makes it, opportunely kneaded even with the addition of potatoes, particularly fragrant and able to keep several days.

The typical types of pasta are the “bollarédde” (diamond shaped), the “rucchélé” (ruccoli, gnocchetti concavi), the tagghiariédde (tagliolini), grilled macaroni and orecchiette, with sauces often flavored with game, once hare and wild boar, but also little birds prey of the micciarola.

Tagliolini and ruccoli are also suitable for dishes with cooked vegetables. The ruccoli, in particular, are used for a dish very similar to the pugliese dish of strascinati and turnip tops, while the tagliolini are fine with chickpeas, beans or peas. Not to mention the cicerchia, legume very controversial, at least in popular life, for an ancient belief that wants it to lose reason.


The typical vegetables are broad beans and chicory, the lambasciùne (small onions). The latter are wild bulbs that dig into the ground using a long and narrow hoe, “u zappudd ‘”.

They presumably correspond to the plant known as muscaro: slightly bitterish, rich in unknown properties, digestive, perhaps aphrodisiacs, they are cooked and preserved according to different methods, with fried oil and vinegar, with chili, breaded in the egg and so Street.