The Basilicata region is located between Calabria and Puglia, in the southern part of Italy. You do not visit the Basilicata by chance, but you choose to stay in this land just to live a different experience, immersing yourself in places where silence, colors, aromas and flavors lead away from the hustle and stress of modern life, giving unique sensations.
Here are some unmissable things to do when you visit this beautiful land.

1. Stroll among the stones of Matera. Matera is a magical city, with a singular history, last year it was elected capital of culture for 2019 and is currently in turmoil, ready to face the changes that will bring this title.

2. Go up to the statue of the Redeemer in Maratea. The view from the top literally leaves you breathless. A series of hairpin bends allows you to arrive at the Basilica and from there a hailstorm leads to the statue.

3. Visit an abandoned village: Craco the ghost town or Campomaggiore Vecchia.

4. Visit the places of wine. Basilicata has a strong wine tradition. In Pietragalla you can find the Palmenti of the old buildings where, once, the grapes were pressed and the wine fermented. The peculiarity is that these caves are completely excavated in the rock.

5. Admire the badlands. The best known are those of Aliano where the writer Primo Levi lived who wrote the well-known novel Christ stopped at Eboli. In the surroundings of the village it is possible to admire these particular furrows and every year this small town hosts a festival of the landscape called “La luna e i calanchi”.

6. Make a food and wine journey. “The open cellars” are food and wine routes that allow you to discover these typical villages, to eat excellent local dishes and admire paintings and local crafts.